Our live stream makes you look good.

Event streaming & recording ..
We broadcast your event live on the Internet ⁄ Intranet.

Our small, mobile recorders deliver professional live streaming,
On Demand Video and Event Recording.

In this way you can make your topics accessible to a wider audience.
Presentations from the web can be integrated at any time, if desired also with the possibility to discuss live.

If you want, we supply professional camera technology with professional staff or remote-controlled cameras.
The livestreams and the on demand content are compatible with all common browsers, on desktop and mobile devices.

We stream in 1080p whenever the available bandwidth is sufficient.
Two video examples should serve as a demo.

How to present yourself ..

Regardless of whether your webcast should be public, password-protected, or just for your intranet,
we offer you the right hosting.

We would be happy to program a web portal for you with registration, registration & login.
An automated stream calendar is available to your guests on request.
There is also a download area for the program, the presentations, on demand videos and much more. 

The costs ..

Event streaming is certainly not cheap, but it is definitely inexpensive.
You multiply your addressees, save hotel and flight costs.
You create a video on demand platform for all viewers who could not come to the event for scheduling reasons
and offer everyone who would like to deepen the content the opportunity to experience everything again.

Request a non-binding offer: Fon +49 173 3507043
Video editing ..

First-class video post-processing guaranteed.
We use professional video editing systems under Adobe Premiere.

If you plan video performances during your event,
we are happy to check the format and quality of your videos in advance.
If necessary, we can rework them.

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